Soup is So Easy


Soup used to intimidate me. I have always cooked but only in the last couple of years have I felt comfortable with making soup. The irony is that soup is one of the easiest things to cook once you understand the basics. Once you learn them you will never want to open…

Three Gluten-Free


Above: Gluten-Free Pancakes When it comes to food trends, I consider myself a moderate. I grew up with a food radical, my mother, who, god bless her, was in eternal search for dietary nirvana, willing to abandon one way of eating for another if she read of some health benefits in the…

Granola Bars


My husband is a body builder and works at a gym. Every day I pack him a lunch of boiled potato with egg, a cut up apple and a few granola bars. He needs a lot of food to sustain his workout so we were using a lot of granola bars. I…

Indian Winter Stew

Serving suggestion with steamed green beans and whole wheat chapati.

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and I will be cooking a traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage but last week I made a delicious winter stew with Indian flavors that was worth a share. My husband, Karan, is Hindu and therefore does not typically eat beef or pork. But Karan…

Sinless Chocolate Mousse


Above Photo Credit [Source] — I don’t have my own photo (yet) because we ate the mousse before I could take one! Ladies…we love our chocolate. Not to exclude you gents but we ladies really love our chocolate. But we don’t love the guilt, the fat, the extra inch on our thighs….