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eliza_colonialzoneAmor y Sabor = Love & Flavor

Hi, my name is Eliza. I am a creative professional working from home designing web sites and print materials. I have two beautiful children. In my free time, I create, cook, write and travel.

I am an adventurer. I have traveled to Haiti, Paris, Moscow (when it was in the Soviet Union) and lived overseas for 8 years in the Dominican Republic. There I learned not only Spanish but a perspective that can only be gained by living in a third world country for an extended period of time.

Here in this blog I share my creativity, my family and my perspective.


2 Comments on “About AyS”

  1. Love. Love. Love.
    An icon on my home screen now brings me directly to your website. Your world.
    An icon that brings me friendship, love, joy.
    An icon that represents a friendship evolved…into family I love & cherish.

  2. I enjoyed reading your poem about the dragon slayer, brings back memories of how our loved one’s can affect and structure the rest of journey through life. Thanks for sharing. The Rev.

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