Year of Love

This year, I declare, should be a year of love. It certainly will be for us. This year has been filled with far to much hate — hate for race-based violence, hat for the police, hate for non-hetero love, hate for obama, hate for republicans, hate for guns, hate for gun control,…


Turkey Slaw Tostadas

Here is a great recipe for using leftover turkey. If you are vegetarian, you can substitute chickpeas for the turkey. Turkey Slaw Tostadas   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 30 mins   A great way to use up leftovers after cooking turkey. Author: CreativEliza Recipe type:…


50 Shades of Black

Featured Image: School children in the Dominican Republic demonstrate the range of skin tones present in that country. [Source] Sorry to disappoint, but this post has nothing to do with the book or subsequent movie of the similar name. Just a shameless ploy I am afraid, using the play on words to…


Lure of Consumption

The Christmas season approaches and, even more importantly for some, the Black Friday shopping frenzy. We have all heard of the phenomenon of people waiting in line for hours even days for the best deals, rushing in like a stampede of bulls into the store, angrily staking claim to the discounted items…


The Age of Kali

Above: Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. [Source] Last week we had an election here in the United States, one which was a resounding defeat to those with liberal sentiments (myself included) and an affirmation of conservative ones. Now let me state right off that this is not a political post. I…


Multicultural Love

It’s hard enough to make any relationship work it seems with the pressures of every day life, with the fact that we all grow and change. So it seems, therefore, that trying to make a relationship work that also crosses different cultures, especially radically different cultures with a language barrier, near impossible….


Becoming Role Models

Above: The boys of the 2014 5000 Role Models clue at WJ Bryan Elementary take the pledge not to do drugs, carry firearms or wear their pants below the waist. Our boys are in trouble these days, especially so if they come from poor homes, especially if their skin is dark, even…


Mango Molasses Corn Cakes

This recipe is a Caribbean twist on traditional pancakes. If mango is not available, peaches would make a good swap. Mango Molasses Corn Cakes   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 30 mins   A delicious alternative to traditional pancakes. Author: CreativEliza Recipe type: Breakfast Cuisine: comfort…

Hamming it up on the day I had to leave

Confessions of a Cougar

Today is my birthday. I turn forty-___, well lets just leave it at that. I’m not embarrassed by my age at all but I just don’t like define myself by a number. So I thought of this provocative title for this post to achieve just that: provoke. I don’t consider myself a…


Fiesta Latina in North Miami

Above: Dominican dancers in front of Alcazar de Colon (Columbus’ palace) in Santo Domingo. Last Saturday was a busy day, as Saturdays usually are. We spent the afternoon bike riding in the park after running some errands, waiting for my son to finish Science Camp. Then we loaded all the bikes on…


Through Indian Eyes

Above: Krisna statue, photo courtesy of and all quotes below from Atanu Deb For me, photography is capturing the lost moments from your perspective… One of the benefits of writing a blog with international subject matter is that I’ve made some international connections. One of them is, in many ways, my professional…


september eleven

rousing to a sonic boom i confuse it with the daily rumble of the traffic on canal emerging from the holland tunnel myself, wrapped in bedcovers warm rolled, regarding window view twin towers in their testament of global commerce gone askew 8:45, eyes still blurred drugged down from dark and dreamful sleep…


Let Children Sing

Above: A chorus performance at the summer recital for the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Miami, Florida. My daughter Elsa is the third from the right. This summer my children had the opportunity to participate in an amazing performing arts summer camp held by the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center (AHCAC)….


How I Learned to Love Cooking

Above: Jars of colorful spices [image source] I love to cook. I love it so much that not only do I cook nearly every day, but it actually causes me discomfort to eat food I didn’t prepare. Crazy I know. I read about cooking, I watch videos and I write as much…


Soup is So Easy

Soup used to intimidate me. I have always cooked but only in the last couple of years have I felt comfortable with making soup. The irony is that soup is one of the easiest things to cook once you understand the basics. Once you learn them you will never want to open…


Learn Another Language

Above: I borrowed this image from this Facebook profile. I wished they taught still taught Latin in all schools. When I was a kid I didn’t start learning another language until high school which was French. I chose French because as a child I had spent quite a bit of time in…