give thanks (day 327)

today thanks are given for all life contains tomorrow is driven by lack that remains this burden of things it’s never enough no joy does it bring having more stuff so home i shall be with joy that is true my family and me love through and through. 11.23.17

day 327

alone with my thoughts i think what could be with the strength of your heart like the pull of the sea create waves that engulf wash away clean with beat of my pulse to a love unforeseen awaiting thus blind interlocking our touch desire combined love in full flush for now it’s…

the gaps (day 325)

when all is in motion we depend on the flux defining importance by demands place upon us but in the lulls, when time floats, we are woven into the absence of act where our tremors chatter until we listen. 11.21.17 [Image Source]

day 324

as i shed all that has weighed my down i rise up into all i wish to be circumventing one’s inner urge to remain unchanged. 11.20.17 [Image Source]

day 323

day is crisp with strong sun which blares light without its heat slight chill prompts motion as a gentle breeze sweeps through my hair. 11/19.17

day 322

sleep, long awaited i now may embrace thee in a slow dance of slumber, growing heavy, sinking deep, i allow the rest to permeate, the dreams to populate, and my energy to rejuvenate. 11.18.17

day 321

the cold brings fire to my skin burned by the dry air, raging within a rite of passage for the season’s change i soothe the flame, but the heat remains. 11.17.17

day 320

chill in the air quickens my pace scanning for spots of sun when my walk comes to pause, pockets welcome hands to nestle inside hood shields me from snap of the breeze 11.16.17

day 319

as my children grow their roots burrow while limbs spread out to new directions leaves sprout, flowers bud from all they are becoming i watch full of joy at their multicolored selves  savoring when they turn their blooms towards me. 11.15.17

day 318

i look for balance in the ever changing wind, seek solace in the clamor of life, rest easy that no moment is the same, sleep deeply with desires to come. 11.14.17

day 317

the wait creates tension pausing with an uncertain end, holding a pose until release, centering ones breath when urge to fidget reigns, mind wanders, spell is broken, so i try once more.  11.13.17

day 316

i’ve learned to relax in the in between when all is uncertain yet nothing is lost before joy can be welcomed but pain is long gone tethered in knowing my heart will remain 11.12.17 [Image Source]

day 315

i breath in love its light floods my veins my respiration syncs to the beat of my heard, my eyes see the color each new day brings, a gift of possibility wrapped in the sun. 11.11.17

day 314

treasure of a quiet morning alarms are silent, movement slows children dream until weary fades as coffee brews, my ink flows rhythmic scratch of the pen as the words scar the page steaming cup waiting by when the rhymes has assuaged. 11.10.17

day 313

as morning slips in from slumber you flood my mind full of thought i wonder if we can attain a happiness so long sought as i rise with dreams of more coffee brews, i fill my cup for time to touch has not yet come desire, i must interrupt time has wings…

day 312

in between the cool and warm when the sun has risen yet lacks force all to come is being born in the stillness of morning strides before mind is polluted with thought and urgency enters time i sip the solace of this hour, fiddle with my daily rhyme. 11.8.17