day 365

on the cusp of the new, swing of the pendulum, tick of the clock, passing of a day, is the cycle in flux, unending motion, like the escalator which in its slow descent instills a mix of fear and anticipation. 12.31.17

day 364

if i teeter shall i fall or will the earth open up to cradle me? is it safe to recline in the belly of my intuition while the sirens wail and the clouds darken? answers are not yet ripe, they must simmer over time until crystal clear. 12.30.17 [Image Source]

day 363

i arrive at the gateway of new information both confident and trepidatious trying to maintain the ease of a flowing river which bends around  the protruding rocks. 12.29.17

day 362

days of pen scratching paper, words spilled onto the page thoughts and musings mutating over the course of my creative year. 12.28.17

day 361

rouse to restore align to balance breathe to release my preconceptions from this moment on 12.27.17

day 360

i trust this path i walk protected by trees arching over me, their shade is shelter from the inconstant sun, seeking the chase for my ever elusive destination. 12.26.17 [Image Source]

day 359

in the merry of this day we join and form family anew, loosen plans and things to do, rejoice us all come what may. 12.25.17

christmas eve (day 358)

the eve of them all when anticipation is about to rendezvous with hope, while parents lose sleep over wrapping perfect, children force their eyes to close in an act of obedience to the ticking clock. 12.24.17

day 357

love has been so coy of late peering behind trees or through my window, close by yet out of reach, so i slow my pace, quiet my heart, for its inevitable approach. 12.23.17 [Image Source]

day 356

the tree carries its fruit like a burden, rotten, many lay strewn on the ground, branches hang low with responsibility; i feel the urge to free this tree of the ripe bounty that dangles just on the verge of rot… but still, i pass it by, unwilling to intervene with the cycles…

day 355

eyes wide, i proceed towards a goal i’m unsure i seek, with hopes i may never come to meet 12.21.17

day 354

fog hovers low, resting in the trees, lights radiate with diffused glow, the unknown seems closer, breathing in my ear, a veil which promises to be lifted while teasing us with its mystery, i squint in the misty blur for all to come into focus. 12.20.17 [Image Source]

day 353

dampness hangs over me the leaves are silent with my step, sliding under my soles; air is heavy and foreboding, pressure pushes against my ears, my thoughts feel trapped between them. 12.19.17

day 352

when my wings feel too weak to fly i spread them wide letting the wind breathe between my feathers until i find the will to rise 12.18.17

day 351

soon this year comes to a close, ink has spilled and pages filled as i process it all. next year i hope will clear my health, bring me love and faith above from dawn to nightfall. 12.17.17

day 350

i am the hunter preventing the kill following closely all which wish to harm me, healing the wounds, some self-inflicted, all overdue. 12.16.17