The Atypical Indian

When people find out I am married to an Indian the first question they ask is “Can you cook Indian food?” (yes) followed but lots of questions on “What’s it like?” I find these hard to answer because in many ways Karan is an atypical Indian man. Most Americans have a specific…


Nurturing a Free-Spirited Child

On this Mother’s Day, I reflect on what is in many ways the hardest job in the world: raising a child. This day, Mother’s Day, honors that effort, for it is mothers that often have the most impact on a child’s future and they unfortunately many times have to do it alone….


Let Them Eat Cake!

I have been writing a lot of reflective posts lately and one of my readers asked for an update on how everything is going for us. Since the drama of the visa and travels are over, well, there hasn’t been much to write about in terms of our relationship. Things these days…


The End of Eating Everything

I saw this sign in a store window in Miami and took a picture. Recently it occurred to me that this phrase pretty much sums up our current state of nutrition. With the onslaught of posts circulating through social media about what is healthy and unhealthy, often with the information contradicting, it…


The Underdog

Above: Image from the Underdog cartoon. [Source] I have always believed in supporting the underdog. Perhaps I have identified too much with the David and Goliath story or maybe it is because in many ways I have often been the underdog. For whatever reason, I gravitate towards those who need more help,…


More Freedom = Greater Risk

Above: Photo by Joe Philpson, borrowed here. I’m entering a new phase, one where the building and the striving are behind me and the refinement and adjustment towards the attainment of what I truly desire is within reach. Recently I lost a full-time contract I had for 10 months. The decision was…


The Elephant in the Room

Image adapted from this one. The other day I had a physical, a new occurrence actually since until this year I never had health insurance. I’m in good health thankfully so being self-employed it was never really a necessary expense. But now being the law I have it and since I do,…

Money is not an Emotion

Or should I say “The presence of or lack thereof of money does not warrant an emotional response.” but that would make for a rather wordy title don’t you think? My parents are both fine artists. Considering that they are not famous, it is a safe assumption that they never had much…


The Steeper Slope

My husband and I rarely fight. Our relationship is 95% amenable and 5% conflict. Not too bad at all. But that 5% is always dramatic and surprising. This is because we are in many ways an awkward match due to a sizable age difference and completely different cultures. Between the two it…


Patience…well it takes time

These days it seems we never have patience for anything. Now it seems we have less and less patience to wait when in the past, that same wait was tolerable. Case in point… I remember when I first saw a “web page”. It was in 1995 and I had just graduated art…


Year of Love

This year, I declare, should be a year of love. It certainly will be for us. This year has been filled with far to much hate — hate for race-based violence, hat for the police, hate for non-hetero love, hate for obama, hate for republicans, hate for guns, hate for gun control,…


Turkey Slaw Tostadas

Here is a great recipe for using leftover turkey. If you are vegetarian, you can substitute chickpeas for the turkey. Turkey Slaw Tostadas   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 30 mins   A great way to use up leftovers after cooking turkey. Author: CreativEliza Recipe type:…


50 Shades of Black

Featured Image: School children in the Dominican Republic demonstrate the range of skin tones present in that country. [Source] Sorry to disappoint, but this post has nothing to do with the book or subsequent movie of the similar name. Just a shameless ploy I am afraid, using the play on words to…


Lure of Consumption

The Christmas season approaches and, even more importantly for some, the Black Friday shopping frenzy. We have all heard of the phenomenon of people waiting in line for hours even days for the best deals, rushing in like a stampede of bulls into the store, angrily staking claim to the discounted items…


The Age of Kali

Above: Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. [Source] Last week we had an election here in the United States, one which was a resounding defeat to those with liberal sentiments (myself included) and an affirmation of conservative ones. Now let me state right off that this is not a political post. I…


Multicultural Love

It’s hard enough to make any relationship work it seems with the pressures of every day life, with the fact that we all grow and change. So it seems, therefore, that trying to make a relationship work that also crosses different cultures, especially radically different cultures with a language barrier, near impossible….