if i could tell you…

it’s the space between the words
the gentle intake of breath
it’s your lost island look
when i’m near

it’s the sense i am so beautiful
i bless you with my smile
it’s the unexpected touch
i’m still here

it’s the love we know we’d make
and the children that would come
it’s the depth of night’s embrace
all you fear

it’s the words we do not say
and the silence says it all
please stay with me tonight
year to year

© Eliza Alys Young

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Eliza Alys Young, aka CreativEliza, is a free spirit, world traveler, creative expert, and part of multicultural family… Eliza shares her time between the US, Dominican Republic and beyond. When she is not caring for her high-energy kids, writing her poetry or for her blog, creating art or cooking up a storm, she is designing for her own company, Design Intense.

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