beast of enjoyment

there is a river of light
which flows
through my body
and carries me past
my paper thoughts and painted smiles.
it leads me to the darkened wall
where the silent beast of enjoyment
the beast, which desires all
and tears the painted smiles
to engage in violet heat,
is only enkindled
when your hand
and i can record my emotions
letting my river
pass through the lines.

© Eliza Alys Young

[Featured Image: Drew Barrymore photographed by Annie Leibovitz for “Beauty and the Beast” pictorial, Vogue April 2005.]

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Eliza Alys Young, aka CreativEliza, is a free spirit, world traveler, creative expert, and part of multicultural family… Eliza shares her time between the US, Dominican Republic and beyond. When she is not caring for her high-energy kids, writing her poetry or for her blog, creating art or cooking up a storm, she is designing for her own company, Design Intense.

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