day 357

love has been so coy of late peering behind trees or through my window, close by yet out of reach, so i slow my pace, quiet my heart, for its inevitable approach. 12.23.17 [Image Source]

day 334

i call upon your strength to support me knowing your love is all that i need. 11.30.17

day 333

fill with light, overflow, showering stars, twinkle below, in darkness, my light still glows, protecting me, so love can grow 11.29.17

day 328

across the distance our contact percolates bubbling emotion breaching the surface, so we teeter between elation and resignation of all still unknown to us now 11.24.17

day 326

alone with my thoughts i think what could be with the strength of your heart like the pull of the sea create waves that engulf wash away clean with beat of my pulse to a love unforeseen awaiting thus blind interlocking our touch desire combined love in full flush for now it’s just me with …