Tapestry of Love

Full, Completed Tapestry
Full, Completed Tapestry

When I love someone, I need to express it in a creative form.

Detail of Face
Detail of Face — the eyes took a long time to embroider

What started as a tapestry of love became a journey into Hinduism, a gift for our family and a creative experience like no other.

Detail of Side of Face
Detail of Side of Face — each sequin has a bead in the center

I based the tapestry on a drawing I found online. I had sewn big projects before but never like this. The tapestry began as paper cutouts that represented the layers of fabric. Then I cut pieces of fabric from the shapes. Layer by layer I sewed the pieces by machine to create the basic design. That was the easy part.

Detail of Crown
Detail of Crown — hand-stitched embroidery detail with beads and sequins.

Next step was to hand-embroider the detail of the face, hands, and other elements. Lastly was to embellish with beads and sequins. The whole process took about 2 months. I had more free time then…

Detail of Bodice
Detail of Bodice — the roses are individual pieces of cloth that are machine stitched and then hand-embroidered.

I worked under the guidelines of Hinduism my ex followed. I never entered the workspace with shoes on my feet. I didn’t do any work when I was on my period or if I had recently eaten meat or drank alcohol. I respected this because the whole process was the gift, not just the end result.

Full Tapestry in the Altar
Full Tapestry in the Altar — I made the curtains and decorated the altar
The drawing of Rama that inspired the tapestry.



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