To Begin Por Fin

If I don’t just begin then there will never be the right moment, the right day, the right whatever to… just write something.

I have recently discovered that I have become an addict of social networking. I have it set so that every day my browser opens to Facebook — where I house my public personality, carefully walking the line of revealing all the facets of who I am in a sufficiently neutral manner, avoiding any extremes, so as not to offend any of my friends. However I also have another outlet where I play with my extroverted side, my flirtatious, outrageous, bordering on blasphemous side.

So every day, sometimes, several times a day, I check my profiles for activity, for gratification. then it hit me — it wasn’t enough. I needed a place to be all in one, my complete self, with no need for results. To share even if no one reads… to express myself.

Right now I observe and converse in my head and all these thoughts and observations are overflowing, brimming over, ready to drip… on to this page.

So now I have begun, broke the ice as it were and it is just up to me to continue… nada más.

Here I am, an American living in the Dominican Republic; a wife going through a divorce; a mother in love with her children; a woman in need of affection; and an artist in need of expression.

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