i walked with you
through the garden of uncertainty
where the weeping
willows sway,
where the sun stays trapped
in twilight —
we interlocked.

we waited
while the armies marched,
while the sirens sang,
and the waves threatened
to crush the rocks.

we waited
until the fog sliced;
till the sun showed its face.

we answered
questions posed by clowns,
questions for us alone —
we answered true.

we won,
bolts slid open,
we passed through
never ending waterfalls,
blinding light,
my tigere and i.

we love like tigers,
fierce and true,
a teethy kiss.

we roar when we part,
lost or afraid,
i’m roaring now
so are you.

i wince
at the wound of your absence;
i grieve
for the fear that knocks on my door;
i pray
for the speed of your return,
so that, i might smooth
your fur once more.



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