day 202

as i walk in the graveyard of my past affections i blow them a kiss as i pass them by for i am not heartless just unrepentant that all you carry never was mine. 7.21.17

day 201

my body has opened to a new direction, i sweat and i stretch to be more open and yielding to all i encounter. i’ve opened beyond where i’ve been before. 7.20.17

day 200

in the dance you miss a step and let me spin away; as i twirl, i soon forget why we even chose to play this back and forth, of truth and worth, i’m moving on anyway. 7.19.17

day 199

i drink the quiet until refreshed and allow my thoughts to juggle with my sensations until calm permeates. 7.18.17

day 198

in the lulls i regroup to consider who i’ve been and who i yet may becomeā€¦ 7.16.17 [Image Source]