day 359

in the merry of this day we join and form family anew, loosen plans and things to do, rejoice us all come what may. 12.25.17

christmas eve (day 358)

the eve of them all when anticipation is about to rendezvous with hope, while parents lose sleep over wrapping perfect, children force their eyes to close in an act of obedience to the ticking clock. 12.24.17

day 357

love has been so coy of late peering behind trees or through my window, close by yet out of reach, so i slow my pace, quiet my heart, for its inevitable approach. 12.23.17 [Image Source]

day 356

the tree carries its fruit like a burden, rotten, many lay strewn on the ground, branches hang low with responsibility; i feel the urge to free this tree of the ripe bounty that dangles just on the verge of rot… but still, i pass it by, unwilling to intervene with the cycles of nature. 12.22.17

day 355

eyes wide, i proceed towards a goal i’m unsure i seek, with hopes i may never come to meet 12.21.17