Multicultural Love


It’s hard enough to make any relationship work it seems with the pressures of every day life, with the fact that we all grow and change. So it seems, therefore, that trying to make a relationship work that also crosses different cultures, especially radically different cultures with a language barrier, near impossible….

Fiesta Latina in North Miami


Above: Dominican dancers in front of Alcazar de Colon (Columbus’ palace) in Santo Domingo. Last Saturday was a busy day, as Saturdays usually are. We spent the afternoon bike riding in the park after running some errands, waiting for my son to finish Science Camp. Then we loaded all the bikes on…

10 Ways: Miami | Santo Domingo


Above: Well organized signage from my local market, Presidente Floridians say Miami is not really a part of America, that in fact it really is an extension of Latin America. I have only lived in one Latin American country, the Dominican Republic, so I’m no expert, but I did live there for…

The Whites of Their Eyes


Above: Photo © David X Young My father was an artist, as as such, felt that his sheer talent should merit him benefits. He took his art very seriously so he was not afraid of hard work as it related to his craft, but the idea of working a “straight” job was…

Miami Does It Different


I moved to Miami 2 1/2 months ago and I’m still settling in. In many ways I still don’t feel like I’m really here. Mostly this is because I am only just starting to connect with the community. I have been working freelance (graphic design) in Fort Lauderdale. The office is small,…