When Dreams Come True

The image above is from our first few months together. For me it symbolizes the hope of all that is to come… I have written before about the power of dreaming and how important it is to have dreams. I have had dreams ever since I can remember — potent dreams, prophetic…

Flying Above A Storm


After five hours of killing time in San Juan Airport, a feat which was harder than expected, it was finally time to board the flight to Santo Domingo. The contrast was immediate as soon as I stepped on to the plane — whereas the flight from Jacksonville to San Juan was basically…

Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God, part 2


The Ramayana as a guidebook for love. India is a land of great love stories and epic adventures and one of the greatest is the Ramayana, an epic poem on the scale of Homer’s The Odyssey, the Ramayana tells the story of Prince Rama, destined for the throne, who was unjustly exiled…

Love Yourself Healthy

Photo on 2010-09-02 at 22

I think a lot about love — love is what keeps me going day after day: love for my children, for my sweetheart, for creativity, love for life. As for love for myself, well I have that but it seems that it’s like the left over crusts of bread after a great…

your worth

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cardamon kiss thrushes thick brambles prick you clear the way. newbuds sprout tendrils root love’s born fruit with each new day. time, it tangles patience tested appeals requested rain starts to pour. ultraviolet love radiates dreams procreate worth waiting for. 12.31.11 © Eliza Alys Young