I Won’t Be Skinny for my Wedding but I Don’t Care


In less than 2 weeks I’ll be married. Well, technically, I’m already married but that was just for the visa. When we legally married it was in Santo Domingo at a Justice of the Peace with couple of friends. Our event will mark 6 years from our first date and will be…

Marriage Equality? Not Quite


Photo from the article Changing The Conversation On Immigration Reform This week marked a month before our wedding/renewal of vows and the details are all coming together so it’s getting very exciting. This week also saw one of the most historic decisions regarding marriage when the Supreme Court of the United States…

Growing up Handicapped


Above: Photo © Eliza Alys Young, Crib, Pediatric Ward I have always hated the term “handicapped”. It is one I have heard a lot. Disabled is worse but they both imply that it means you are less than are full “able” person. “Physically challenged” is the politically correct term now. Normally I…

The Atypical Indian


When people find out I am married to an Indian the first question they ask is “Can you cook Indian food?” (yes) followed but lots of questions on “What’s it like?” I find these hard to answer because in many ways Karan is an atypical Indian man. Most Americans have a specific…

Nurturing a Free-Spirited Child


On this Mother’s Day, I reflect on what is in many ways the hardest job in the world: raising a child. This day, Mother’s Day, honors that effort, for it is mothers that often have the most impact on a child’s future and they unfortunately many times have to do it alone….