Mango Molasses Corn Cakes


This recipe is a Caribbean twist on traditional pancakes. If mango is not available, peaches would make a good swap. Mango Molasses Corn Cakes   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 30 mins   A delicious alternative to traditional pancakes. Author: CreativEliza Recipe type: Breakfast Cuisine: comfort…

Dosai Masala, Indian Comfort Food


Pronounced “dough-sigh” This is one of my favorite meals, a true comfort food. It is not hard to make, just takes planning to soak ahead. Dosai Masala, Indian Comfort Food   Print Prep time 26 hours Cook time 40 mins Total time 26 hours 40 mins   Lentil Rice Pankcakes with Potato…

Three Gluten-Free


Above: Gluten-Free Pancakes When it comes to food trends, I consider myself a moderate. I grew up with a food radical, my mother, who, god bless her, was in eternal search for dietary nirvana, willing to abandon one way of eating for another if she read of some health benefits in the…

Indian Winter Stew

Serving suggestion with steamed green beans and whole wheat chapati.

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and I will be cooking a traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage but last week I made a delicious winter stew with Indian flavors that was worth a share. Lamb could be substituted for beef as well. Indian Winter Stew   Print Prep time 30…

Sinless Chocolate Mousse


Above Photo Credit [Source] — I don’t have my own photo (yet) because we ate the mousse before I could take one! Ladies…we love our chocolate. Not to exclude you gents but we ladies really love our chocolate. But we don’t love the guilt, the fat, the extra inch on our thighs….