Through Indian Eyes


Above: Krisna statue, photo courtesy of and all quotes below from Atanu Deb For me, photography is capturing the lost moments from your perspective… One of the benefits of writing a blog with international subject matter is that I’ve made some international connections. One of them is, in many ways, my professional…

Cultural Sporting


For Father’s Day we all went to see a professional baseball game, the Miami Marlins vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates. Ironically, for a person who doesn’t follow any sport and could care less about most sports in general, I have seen a surprisingly wide range of professional sporting events live. From a soccer…

Love is Worth Fighting For

An Indian bride sits with her groom duri

Above: Abdul Hakim and Mehwish, a couple protected by the Love Commandos. [Source] We say ‘love is worth fighting for’ but how many of us would actually do it? What kind of love would we really fight for — the love of a parent, a child, a spouse or a friend? Unrequited…

Love Marriage

A few months ago an Indian woman that I didn’t know asked to be my friend on Facebook. This was on my personal profile, not Amor y Sabor’s Facebook page. This happens a lot actually because of the blog and I usually accept because I consider all Facebook to be public anyway….

What Country Am I In?


My life in the States is like many others who are middle-income and raising children. I wake up early to get my kids on the school bus. I work hard when they are in school. After school I juggle their activities, my remaining work and dinnertime. Bedtime finally comes and after I…