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Due to my experience and writing in this blog about the Dominican Republic, I was contacted by the filmmakers for a new film called The Miguel Sano Story which is a a followup to their documentary called Ballplayer: Pelotero. I am always happy to oblige when it comes to supporting the arts and regional film making. To that end, here is their press release.



Filmmakers Enlist the Help of Kickstarter

Guagua Productions, the team behind the critically acclaimed documentary, Ballplayer: Pelotero has announced that they are doing a follow-up to the documentary titled The Miguel Sano Story.  Filmmakers are enlisting the help of Kickstarter to raise $25,000 over 30 days to continue documenting Sano’s career as he enters his third year within the Minnesota Twins farm system.

Filmmakers Jon Paley, Ross Finkel, and Trevor Martin said, “The end of Ballplayer: Pelotero was just the beginning of Miguel’s journey.  For the first time ever on film, we will tell the complete story of a future star’s rise to fame. Whether it is on or off the field on the road to the Majors, we’ll be there to document it.”

The Miguel Sano Story will be co-directed by Paley, Finkel, and Martin and picks up where Pelotero left off and will provide unprecedented access to Sano as he rises through the Minnesota Twins farm system and the challenges both on and off the field. Named one of the top-20 prospects by Baseball America, his rising status on the field has drawn suitors from every angle who are seeking a piece of the expected millions he will sign for in the big leagues, forcing him to question every new relationship. Guagua Productions will provide an intimate look at how Sano navigates the pressure of providing for his family, living in a new country and while balancing the crushing pressure to live up to the expectation that the media has of him.

The original documentary (Ballplayer: Pelotero) was distributed by Strand Releasing and followed Sano and fellow Dominican prospect, Jean Carlos Batista, throughout their journey to get signed by a professional club on their 16th birthday – the age they became eligible.  When Sano was wrongly accused of lying about his age, the filmmakers got an up-close-and-personal look at how the Dominican system worked and potential corruption, back room dealings, and politics around Sano clearing his name.

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