day 355

eyes wide, i proceed towards a goal i’m unsure i seek, with hopes i may never come to meet 12.21.17

day 354

fog hovers low, resting in the trees, lights radiate with diffused glow, the unknown seems closer, breathing in my ear, a veil which promises to be lifted while teasing us with its mystery, i squint in the misty blur for all to come into focus. 12.20.17 [Image Source]

day 353

dampness hangs over me the leaves are silent with my step, sliding under my soles; air is heavy and foreboding, pressure pushes against my ears, my thoughts feel trapped between them. 12.19.17

day 352

when my wings feel too weak to fly i spread them wide letting the wind breathe between my feathers until i find the will to rise 12.18.17

day 351

soon this year comes to a close, ink has spilled and pages filled as i process it all. next year i hope will clear my health, bring me love and faith above from dawn to nightfall. 12.17.17