Gold & Blue

After the internet center on Saturday we relaxed with a movie on my laptop (The Water Horse) which we enjoyed. Then, in the evening, we went to this Mexican ‘style’ place that my ex likes, to get some food to eat back at home while we watch another movie (Some Like It Hot) — my ex, and Indians in general love movies.

So, on the way to the Mexican place, my ex tells me about a dish he had ordered there before that he really enjoyed. “Gold and blue — you know that one?” he asks me. I had no idea what he was talking about. He kept saying the same thing and I repeated what he said but we did not arrive any closer to understanding each other. I said we would look at the menu and figure it out. All I could figure out was that it had chicken in it.

So we get to the place and it was fully of people, all sitting outside drinking beer. The young girls were with their boyfriends on Saturday night dates, dressed to the hilt with lots of cleavage, coordinated clothes and accessories and five inch heels that they walked in like flats. There were also the families noisily gathered around large tables talking  and a ‘performer’ with a karaoke machine who tried to get people up to sing and instead sang the songs himself when there were no takers.

We squeezed our way into the area where you order the takeout and I asked for a menu. I immediately look for the dish my ex had been talking about and finally found ‘Pechuga (Chicken Breast) Golden Blue’ which was what he meant but I still didn’t understand until it clicked. I asked if it was a chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese and they said yes: Chicken Cordon Bleu, a very funny Dominican translation.

A side note, I went to another Domincan restaurant and saw the same dish listed as “Gordon Blue”.


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