Three Years of Love… (and Flavor)

Above: We took this picture in Miami when we went to look for a place to live. Three years ago, on October 30th, 2010, I started this blog without any fanfare. It was my second attempt at a blog, the first time was when I was living in the Dominican Republic. My…



i walked with you through the garden of uncertainty where the weeping willows sway, where the sun stays trapped in twilight — we interlocked. we waited while the armies marched, while the sirens sang, and the waves threatened to crush the rocks. we waited until the fog sliced; till the sun showed…

Love’s Witness


Yesterday we went to the Indian market as a family. It is a trip we take about one a month where we stock up on all things Indian from spices to legumes, flours and vegetables, hair oil and incense. I discovered the market within a few months after I moved back to…

Love Yourself Healthy

Photo on 2010-09-02 at 22

I think a lot about love — love is what keeps me going day after day: love for my children, for my sweetheart, for creativity, love for life. As for love for myself, well I have that but it seems that it’s like the left over crusts of bread after a great…

It is a Marathon Not a Sprint


My seventh trip to the DR in the last year will embark in just over two weeks. This time there is no fan fare,  no expectations. Don’t worry, our relationship has not cooled, we have not grown apart, we have just come to realize that it is a marathon not a sprint….