To Honor Our Love

Elyza Young_Jul150079-493

Two weeks ago we held a wedding to celebrate 6 years together and to honor the love that seemed at first unlikely to succeed. Although I have been married before, I never had a wedding or held any event such as this, one with catered food, fancy clothes, drinks, decorations and a…

Multicultural Love


It’s hard enough to make any relationship work it seems with the pressures of every day life, with the fact that we all grow and change. So it seems, therefore, that trying to make a relationship work that also crosses different cultures, especially radically different cultures with a language barrier, near impossible….

Confessions of a Cougar

Hamming it up on the day I had to leave

Today is my birthday. I turn forty-___, well lets just leave it at that. I’m not embarrassed by my age at all but I just don’t like define myself by a number. So I thought of this provocative title for this post to achieve just that: provoke. I don’t consider myself a…

Food as an Expression of Love

Our Love Story

The 14th was Valentine’s Day, when lovers old and new celebrated their love. Many celebrations included a special meal prepared by one lover for another. As an avid home cook, I subscribe to numerous cooking magazines and each one featured sumptuous recipes to woo with on Valentine’s Day. (I, on the other…

The Sum of Its Parts


Last week has been one of my hardest in a while. I realize, in retrospect, that I have probably taken on too much. It would not be the first time — I am a classic overachiever. This year I decided to become a girl scout leader, my son is in boy scouts,…