day 183

a year has passed since you set me free, fleeing in the night to mother india, the woman who held your heart in her clutches squeezing tight until you could no longer breathe so you fled, leaving the shards of your promises, splinters that dug in and twisted… now, i float buoyant…

day 182

centered, i sprout supple and strong like the stem gently bending to the weight of the wind then rising up tall to the song of the sun coaxing its growth with constant heat 7.1.17

day 181

a question has spurred me in a new direction, to stretch my potential towards the path of healing. so i consider all the gifts i can offer plus the growth that will come. 6.30.17

day 180

for fifteen years i led the charge through ravines and gorges deep whilst my lovers toyed with dreams they never intended to keep each day i clawed towards future goals the glue that kept us strong time will come when i can rest and let another carry on 6.28.17

day 179

i rise with the aches of my efforts muscle sore but strong; i stretch to relieve the stiffness of morning before i commence. black coffee brewing awaiting its slide down my throat. bitter heat stimulating me to begin the day in earnest. 6.28.17