day 279

a day past my celebration i collect the love while more pours in like the reddest rose blossoming in the darkest green i open to the joy as the rose to the sun drinking in its healing heat 10.6.17  

birthday (day 278)

each year i mark this day of birth when i found my way into the world so bright and sharp that i question my decision to emerge 10.5.17

day 277

i bid the words to come romp in the garden of my mind stubborn they resist to fill me up today 10.4.17

day 276

breeze hints of fall with its brisk kiss summer lingers on heat losing potency signally the change of coolness en route i dig our toes in the sand again 10.3.17

day 275

gather my forces of skills and conviction sharpen my blade for battles to come strength my cause to cross the great water so rapid it flows shall sweep me away tie down my sail until calmer currents guide me ahead to prosperity 10.2.17 [Image Source]