day 335

buoyant, i float through spiraling rivers supported by water. soothed by the sun branches have fallen deep in the river sometimes i slip, always i flow 12.1.17 [Image Source]

day 334

i call upon your strength to support me knowing your love is all that i need. 11.30.17

day 333

fill with light, overflow, showering stars, twinkle below, in darkness, my light still glows, protecting me, so love can grow 11.29.17

day 332

i am a knitter,  a weaver, a healer… when i unravel, i cast off my troubles, knit in the threads, of joy once again, mending my snags. as i travel on. 11.28.17

day 331

slate blue sky hearkens winter’s arrival but trees weep only brown leaves, no vibrant colors like a peacock’s tail to usher in the season with panache, just a cool which hastens but doesn’t bite and a coating of brown on a paler green. 11.27.17