day begins, with coffee black; clears the cloud, of peaceful slumber. dreams of what may come to pass, slow release of hurtful past; muscles tone as i flex, the possible still unchecked. night returns, its viral beat; pulse desire, through vivid sleep. 9.3.16 [Image Source]

september eleven


rousing to a sonic boom i confuse it with the daily rumble of the traffic on canal emerging from the holland tunnel myself, wrapped in bedcovers warm rolled, regarding window view twin towers in their testament of global commerce gone askew 8:45, eyes still blurred drugged down from dark and dreamful sleep…



i walked with you through the garden of uncertainty where the weeping willows sway, where the sun stays trapped in twilight — we interlocked. we waited while the armies marched, while the sirens sang, and the waves threatened to crush the rocks. we waited until the fog sliced; till the sun showed…

your worth

635939394083003642-770889348_love pic

cardamon kiss thrushes thick brambles prick you clear the way. newbuds sprout tendrils root love’s born fruit with each new day. time, it tangles patience tested appeals requested rain starts to pour. ultraviolet love radiates dreams procreate worth waiting for. 12.31.11 © Eliza Alys Young

if i could tell you…


it’s the space between the words the gentle intake of breath it’s your lost island look when i’m near it’s the sense i am so beautiful i bless you with my smile it’s the unexpected touch i’m still here it’s the love we know we’d make and the children that would come…