Karmic Return


Above: A picture of Karan’s mother when she got married. Her stern look has always frightened me. After a stressful summer I thought I had put all the drama in India behind us. This past week we learned that was not the case. Karma, is a concept that originated in India and…

Upside Down & Backwards — Lessons Learned from the Third World


Above: Decorative gate in the Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo. Living in the Third World taught me so much, it shaped me into the woman I am today. I have mentioned numerous times in posts before that I believe every one living in the Developed World should spend at least 3 months living…

Missing Pieces


Above: Karan in traditional Tamil Nadu dress. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since Karan has returned to the United States and I must admit that I have been languishing in it, unwilling to share him with anyone. For you see, when I write this blog I do just that — I share…

Love Marriage


A few months ago an Indian woman that I didn’t know asked to be my friend on Facebook. This was on my personal profile, not Amor y Sabor’s Facebook page. This happens a lot actually because of the blog and I usually accept because I consider all Facebook to be public anyway….

Indian English


The term “Indian English” is a real one. It refers to the adaption of English by Indians but I should have named this post “Karan’s English” because not only does Karan speak Indian English but he has adapted his own version of that. This makes for a comical conversation at times to say…