Love Marriage

A few months ago an Indian woman that I didn’t know asked to be my friend on Facebook. This was on my personal profile, not Amor y Sabor’s Facebook page. This happens a lot actually because of the blog and I usually accept because I consider all Facebook to be public anyway….

Indian Winter Stew

Serving suggestion with steamed green beans and whole wheat chapati.

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and I will be cooking a traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage but last week I made a delicious winter stew with Indian flavors that was worth a share. Lamb could be substituted for beef as well. Indian Winter Stew   Print Prep time 30…

What Country Am I In?


My life in the States is like many others who are middle-income and raising children. I wake up early to get my kids on the school bus. I work hard when they are in school. After school I juggle their activities, my remaining work and dinnertime. Bedtime finally comes and after I…

Wet Night, Sunny Morn


Last night we went out to meet the Tamil/Dominican couple we first got to know on my last visit. The power went out yesterday about noon and as of 7:00 it still had not returned. So we had to get ready in the dark, using the flashlight from my cell phone to…

Flying Above A Storm


After five hours of killing time in San Juan Airport, a feat which was harder than expected, it was finally time to board the flight to Santo Domingo. The contrast was immediate as soon as I stepped on to the plane — whereas the flight from Jacksonville to San Juan was basically…