the coffin of my heart
began to rot;
the lid is shut
the walls are wood
the worms are eating through

i feel the dirt
the scratchy pain
burns my skin
someone, is shoveling
i see the bright blue sky

the gateway of my pain
was rusted shut;
cemetery of my love
it hurt a lot

to shove me in a space
unfit for rats
to wait through endless rain
in cold, dark earth;
to cry again, again
without a church
to save my lonely soul
to know the great unknown

in time i felt
i had to stop the clock

the sky is bluer
than i’ve ever known
bestill the lonely earth
the dirt, the worms, the hurt
seemed warmer
than the cold of all alone

slowly, i emerge
the resting place
gently, i’ll allow
the dirt embrace
to fall beneath my feet
to crumble in defeat
someday soon i’ll walk away unscathed


© Eliza Alys Young

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