day 174

i have learned to stay calm, amidst the chaos of life as it swings like a pendulum from unbearable sadness to unencumbered joy from an ordered plan i follow to the disarray i try to contain i walk in the center and let the rest fall away. 6.22.17

day 173

the burden of rage is a gift i’ve been given, from a father too wounded to think of another. though, i have muffled, the anger inside me, i know i have given some of it too. we parents aren’t perfect, we feel all the pain of parents before us and our children…

day 172

as i stand taller in the shoes i have chosen and embrace the self i have become. i walk without knowing where i am going but finally accepting from where i have come. 6.22.17

day 171

the morning is soft, the sun still gentle, forgiving. i sit in a quiet house eagerly devouring the silence like a forbidden fruit. all are asleep, perhaps dreaming, without desire for more. no struggle for my attention, nor needs to fulfill. i simply sip my bitter coffee, guide my pen, and relax….

my girl (day 170)

a smile so sweet it stings your tongue; she looks at you with sapphire eyes hypnotic innocence of the impact her beauty has. as she grows she lengthens tall and lean graceful like a gazelle, with the ferocity of a feral cat whose aggression hides a deeper pain of abandonment. surrounded by…