day 54

furtive glimpses of desire life has been a peep show voyeur cravings pleasures incognito now i do the dance crack my curtains just a bit wait to see who comes to gaze performing while dimly lit an ingenue, i sway display my charms artfully flick the lights as i choose seeking what…

red (day 53)

red punctuates my morning walk. vermillion berries sprout, amongst dead leaves, glistening with dewdrops; crimson cardinal alights, upon a picket-fence, its breast puffed proud, to announce its arrival; blood red roses bloom, nestled in the deepest green, their petals turning, towards the emerging sun; dark red doors adorn slate gray houses, biding…

day 52

i paint my scars with flowers and vines not forgetting all the times i fought for every mark i bear from mishaps and more unfair follow the ink where it winds a path i’ve walked so many times 2.21.17

day 51

towering tree heavy with tiny fruit mandarin oranges hanging like bangles off its many branches populating its leaves like delicious ornaments waiting to be collected and feasted upon instead, it’s bounty is left to rot or poached by squirrels 2.20.17

day 50

in dreams i float buoyant in tranquil water river grass tickles as i pass by the sun it warms while the water cools i count the clouds up in the sky 2.19.17