i am the burning red of stop before it turns to go i am the glass of wine pouring until overflows i am the moment of suspense answers yet unknown i am the dancer spinning upon bruised toes i am the siren wooing against the ebb and flow i am the dreamer…



day begins, with coffee black; clears the cloud, of peaceful slumber. dreams of what may come to pass, slow release of hurtful past; muscles tone as i flex, the possible still unchecked. night returns, its viral beat; pulse desire, through vivid sleep. 9.3.16 [Image Source]

Raising Superheroes


Above: Marcos and Elsa¬† wearing the superhero costumes I made for them. My kids have always loved dressing up. Especially as superheros. Spiderman was my son’s favorite. My kids, my son especially, always loved superheroes. Spiderman was his favorite and still is. We had many Spiderman costumes over the years.¬† I always…

MY DIY Weekend


The weekend I decided to tackle a problem that has been bothering me for a couple of months. The brown leather sofa we had bought second hand had started to “shed” off the leather. This is what one of the cushions looked like: I had tried patching it with tape but soon…

The Urge to Create


Above: Recent project, a crocheted lace curtain. Some people are compelled to race cars. Some people are driven to acquire wealth. Even others make it their life’s mission to fight for justice. As the daughter of two fine artist, I am driven by the urge to create. I grew up in a…