Creative Challenge for 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, so does my year of poems challenge for 2017. I made it, I wrote a poem a day for 2017. You can see all the poems here. It was a challenge to be sure as a poem takes time to craft. The words do not always…

day 365

on the cusp of the new, swing of the pendulum, tick of the clock, passing of a day, is the cycle in flux, unending motion, like the escalator which in its slow descent instills a mix of fear and anticipation. 12.31.17

day 364

if i teeter shall i fall or will the earth open up to cradle me? is it safe to recline in the belly of my intuition while the sirens wail and the clouds darken? answers are not yet ripe, they must simmer over time until crystal clear. 12.30.17 [Image Source]

day 363

i arrive at the gateway of new information both confident and trepidatious trying to maintain the ease of a flowing river which bends around  the protruding rocks. 12.29.17

day 362

days of pen scratching paper, words spilled onto the page thoughts and musings mutating over the course of my creative year. 12.28.17