Through Indian Eyes


Above: Krisna statue, photo courtesy of and all quotes below from Atanu Deb For me, photography is capturing the lost moments from your perspective… One of the benefits of writing a blog with international subject matter is that I’ve made some international connections. One of them is, in many ways, my professional…

september eleven


rousing to a sonic boom i confuse it with the daily rumble of the traffic on canal emerging from the holland tunnel myself, wrapped in bedcovers warm rolled, regarding window view twin towers in their testament of global commerce gone askew 8:45, eyes still blurred drugged down from dark and dreamful sleep…



i walked with you through the garden of uncertainty where the weeping willows sway, where the sun stays trapped in twilight — we interlocked. we waited while the armies marched, while the sirens sang, and the waves threatened to crush the rocks. we waited until the fog sliced; till the sun showed…

My Vibrant Palette


When the cat’s away, the mouse will…crochet! Silly I know but hey it rhymes… Well I haven’t posted in the Creativity section in a while which is lapse of me. The reality is that I am always doing something creative, actually more like 2-3 things. In my youth I compared it to…

your worth


cardamon kiss thrushes thick brambles prick you clear the way. newbuds sprout tendrils root love’s born fruit with each new day. time, it tangles patience tested appeals requested rain starts to pour. ultraviolet love radiates dreams procreate worth waiting for. 12.31.11 © Eliza Alys Young