day 65

still in the haze of ushered in dreams a sensory jumble revolving in me i sift through the night’s entertainment in hopes to decode all its instructions 3.6.17

day 64

today i will leave affairs of the heart on the shore of the sea where i’ll embark on a journey of self without all the thought 3.5.17 [Image Source]

day 63

sometimes i am in between what is known and unseen waiting feels so endless hoping sparks will progress build in heat until they flame and my heart is reclaimed 3.4.17

day 62

i am the blossom kissed by the sun whose petals now dare to unfold i am the seagrass grown in the ocean with soft roots, long strands in flow i am the vine encircling the tree until it becomes my own 3.3.17

crisscrossed (day 61)

this journey of life has so many turns i feel piled up from… lessons learned like too many blankets on warm winter night or road that’s so long no end is in sight; yet still i am full of imperfections a traveler who won’t follow directions i’ve given my love to those…