tigers (day 144)

show me your tiger teeth sandpaper tongue hungering for more than you deserve. red raw, crimson red… though i may snarl, ready to fight, gaze at me strong, unwavering and i’ll slick down my fur, retract my pearly claws and stretch out beside you 5.24.17 [Image Source]

day 143

wrap the stars in my arms so that no one will see their light they are mine, all mine as i dance with them throughout the night 5.23.17

day 142

the ground, like a sponge, soaked up the rain emboldening birds looking for worms to leave their tree sanctuaries and descend, red breasts puffed proudly as they hop among the flowers sprung up like colorful trumpets letting the birds play their song of thirst and joy in the morning sun the earth…

day 141

i carried the weight of your love within me heart unable to relax or rest, never coming home to nest, in time i set you free the burden of all you were still remained i asked the earth if it would reclaim, but in the months of sun and rain, it never…

first beach day (day 140)

in the sand i shed my strength baring what i feared to share faced the waves openly entering the ocean’s lair i let the sea battle me each wave a punch, push or shove, know i was sure to fail until i learned to dance above when the sand had left its…