day 116

intake of breath cools the flame that longs to rage across the bush crackling delight while it fills the air with smoke of discontent until it ends in conflagration 4.26.17

day 115

i hibernate the day until the shroud of night keep the quiet close to me stay hidden in the light promises so often made then trampled underfoot need to rest a little more then wash off all your soot i have no fear in this life welcome joy and pain patience i…

day 114

my travels take another turn disappointment leaves its aftertaste as you stay swaddled in your hesitation each twist may cause me to pause a moment in unknowing then unabashed i take a step towards my destination 4.24.17 [Image Source]

sown (day 113)

we plant seeds between us watch for them to grow in a bed of anticipation and all the hopes we sow the possible so delicate a maybe so unsure we wait within our wonder to see if love concurs 4.23.17

day 112

i paddle along the lake’s edge where the wild grasses grow broken branches guard the shore from intrepid explorers tangled in the swampy strands descending deep into the water i wonder what the darkness hides that the muck has claimed its own you retreated into hiding a submersion of solitude while i…