day 70

soft crush of leaves from each of your footfalls retracing my steps just a deep breath away feeling your presence sixth sense you are watching hidden from from view yet your eyes never stray calm permeates i await your arrival the where or the when unknown to us now. 3.11.7

aloft (day 69)

i scale the trees to nest above closer to the sun i warm my thoughts among the leaves the day has begun i track the shadows down below secrets they hide embrace the light that’s coming forth from the sunrise the glow reveals so many hues red to palest pink i let…

day 68

sprouts of bamboo stand in slender pillars like fragile sentry guards; a sparrow ruffles its feathers, balancing with ease on an electric wire; a lone flower of delicate purple has bloomed in a barren patch of grass yhe sharp contrast promoting its beauty sromas of gardenia and honeysuckle envelop me as i…

day 67

i crush the shells of my attraction under my toes striding forth in a new direction outcome unknown i’ve framed my heart for my protection deepest shades of blue but now i open to your connection no longer of use i strip the layers of all my learning awake subdued stand steady…

day 66

i remain in the depths of the sleep that surrounds me sifting through all that i feel my senses betray true wealth of our meeting so much yet to reveal 3.7.17 [Image Source]