day 231

i open to the innocence before me traveling together to destinations unseen, allowing questions unanswered to linger, as the wheels spin on the track, the train shakes with the speed, carrying us onward with the thrust of the moment… 8.19.17

day 230

as the sun rises from its rest then settles back into slumber, or the tides ebb back for flow forward, seasons slip into one another, cycles revolving in continual motion… so i wait for the pendulum to swing in my direction, feelings its force upon me; honoring the flux of life. 8.18.17

time (day 229)

time becomes my secret lover as i contemplate the clock ticking on throughout the hours consoling me in the dark time is in a constant hover of what i may or may not do so jealous, time, reminding me challenges that can ensue if time is bound by another waiting is a…

day 228

hidden moon, i feel your pull to don the mask; join the dance with dreams that masquerade the night, feelings hide behind jester smiles, all revealing their animal sides; questions poise on pointed toes so we spin unknowing where it will go… 8.15.17

day 227

i meander a hall with too many doors opening and closing, casting shadows, revealing light. i speak, words echo in the chambers, voice sounds hard when it feels soft. i remain, quiet for a while. 8.15.17