day 179

i rise with the aches of my efforts muscle sore but strong; i stretch to relieve the stiffness of morning before i commence. black coffee brewing awaiting its slide down my throat. bitter heat stimulating me to begin the day in earnest. 6.28.17

day 178

mirror cracks reflection askew the you i met not really true; presenting what you think you want but really only just a jaunt 6.27.17

day 177

if i were to reveal, the extent of my desire, you may wither in its heat. and so, i throttle down, the conflagration until a spark escapes once again. 6.26.17

day 176

i rest in the valley of silence to build up my strength, savoring the lack of contact before entering again into the fray of the yes or no. 6.25.17

tigers (day 175)

tigers in cages pacing for release pressing their fur into the chain link fence, roaring their dominance, one over the other, demanding to be the first to feed. not so very different, observed from the observer, watching from a safe distance, marveling at their ferocity while harboring anger of their own at…