day 259

eyes like portholes they gaze outward dark within, craving the visceral affirmation of their worth, scaly in their selfishness, unregretting stench, i watch them slither in retreat. 9.16.17

day 258

each day feels a little more familiar each step a little lighter eyes see clearer like a fog has been wiped off, like rising from a deep slumber and you finally realize you are awake 9.15.17

day 257

today we march back to lives we know each step heavier than the last pulling out of the stupor from stress and inactivity into the buzz of responsibility. 9.14.17

day 256

the days bleed together into one stain without cool to wake us, all feels blurry and soft as tasks pile on and incentive dissipates. 9.13.17

aftermath (day 255)

with branches scattered like plumage she has plucked us and moved on, leaving the normalcy of a sunny day with the unease of restoration. electricity now an audible buzz as generators keep the few cool and lit while the rest sweat and wait… 9.12.17