day 225

an interloper, i enter like a warrior without her weapons i’m surrounded by all so very unfamiliar, shapes and shadows, that jar my uneasy breath until i am reminded by what i’ve come to trust. 8.13.17

day 224

i twist the soreness as i rise unwinding to the morning of lazy sun and spots of shade, an eager pup and sleepy kids, i rouse resolve to take the walk in the light, around the path, to begin my day in earnest. 8.12.17

day 223

i guide my light between the crooks of my dark and speckled mind, i flush the sludge of what’s unnerved me, allow its tension to unwind. i think on anger that did not serve me, remember moments that were kind; and when my path sways and swerves me, i look for love…

day 222

a transition to earlier day, quieter house, with only my thoughts keeping me company; the change is both sweet and wistful as i relish the peace while still missing the clamor. 8.10.17

day 221

inner restlessness refusing to allow sleep to cloak me in its rapture, i wrestle with my uselessness until at last, i’m overtaken by the drug of slumber awakening groggy from its intoxication. 8.9.17