day 273

rains beat down, rivers rise, i’m caught in the stubborn storm just flotsam swept along i feel the wind sting like whips prodding me, to take this journey i know i must, so far from the warmth of what i know. 9.30.17

day 272

commence the struggle youth contra wisdom definition of self growing without uncertain within still a boy, dirt behind his ears, height of a man, heart of a child my love is always bound to you 9.29.17

day 271

trees part the path dividing the sky joined in the earth they are apart defining their choice towards the sun 9.28.17

day 270

underwater i swim to a far off shore where mangroves spread roots reaching deep to anchor them tall sun warms my back as waves lap my toes with outstretched arms i greet the sky 9.27.17

day 269

cast off the stitches that no longer serves me untie the binds that now must release for this webbing i’ve woven is knotted in memory time has entangled but sheltered me clearly 9.26.17