spiraling (day 110)

in the well i face the silence spiral down into its depth while the quiet can unnerve me i banish doubts that may have crept patience is not my best companion my restless mind prodding on racehorses ready to start running i feel the waiting’s far too long there is not fear…

day 109

i sweat in the womb of the earth i learned my true name i dreamed while awake i was never the same 4.19.17 [Image Source]

firewalk (day 108)

i once walked on fire hot coals tickled my bare feet warm popcorn under my toes back then i had no children, no heartbreak or great loss nor a deep love to define me ash covered the soles of my feet as i walked past who i was and stepped into who…

cleanse (day 107)

each night i bathe to cleanse myself anew i scrub the past off my skin i soak in heat, blistering heat to remind me of where i came from as i lay in the purifying water i long to return to the cool of life yet i try to tarry, to linger…

day 106

honeysuckle overtakes me rich perfume penetrates my pores i’m drunk on its sweetness the air is still; the birds rest gently chirping amongst the leaves trees stand tall; branches lifted like graceful ballerinas about to pirouette clouds diffuse the sun’s glare while colors pulse with vibrance 4.16.17