day 181

a question has spurred me in a new direction, to stretch my potential towards the path of healing. so i consider all the gifts i can offer plus the growth that will come. 6.30.17

day 180

for fifteen years i led the charge through ravines and gorges deep whilst my lovers toyed with dreams they never intended to keep each day i clawed towards future goals the glue that kept us strong time will come when i can rest and let another carry on 6.28.17

day 179

i rise with the aches of my efforts muscle sore but strong; i stretch to relieve the stiffness of morning before i commence. black coffee brewing awaiting its slide down my throat. bitter heat stimulating me to begin the day in earnest. 6.28.17

day 178

mirror cracks reflection askew the you i met not really true; presenting what you think you want but really only just a jaunt 6.27.17

day 177

if i were to reveal, the extent of my desire, you may wither in its heat. and so, i throttle down, the conflagration until a spark escapes once again. 6.26.17