sown (day 113)

we plant seeds between us watch for them to grow in a bed of anticipation and all the hopes we sow the possible so delicate a maybe so unsure we wait within our wonder to see if love concurs 4.23.17

day 112

i paddle along the lake’s edge where the wild grasses grow broken branches guard the shore from intrepid explorers tangled in the swampy strands descending deep into the water i wonder what the darkness hides that the muck has claimed its own you retreated into hiding a submersion of solitude while i…

day 111

i stay in the center and rest awhile until the din of expectations becomes a quiet whira background noise to ignore a trickster of self i pursue its tranquility the elusive true quiet always just out of reach, a deep sense of peace 4.21.17 [Image Source]

spiraling (day 110)

in the well i face the silence spiral down into its depth while the quiet can unnerve me i banish doubts that may have crept patience is not my best companion my restless mind prodding on racehorses ready to start running i feel the waiting’s far too long there is not fear…

day 109

i sweat in the womb of the earth i learned my true name i dreamed while awake i was never the same 4.19.17 [Image Source]