theft (day 123)

in the shadows they steal cloaked by night, cowards enjoying what they did not earn discovered int he day, the loss seems more extreme than the material thing, a violation of trust, amputation of self, sacrifice with no gain 5.3.17 [Image Source]

day 122

a layer of rain coats the ground all that grows is happy again such a simple cycle of thirst then replenish as the earth waits to quench its thirst again, so must i wait to be replenished anew… 5.2.17

lifecycle of a flower (day 121)

the flower feeds on sun and rain, buds begin to form swelling bigger until they burst in color; slowly the petals unfold opening in brazen beauty, apex of their potential, after which they fold, collapse into themselves and wither 5.1.17

day 120

in the moments between breaths when the lids darken your eyes time pauses briefly motion slows down the quiet fills me up 4.30.17 [Image Source]

slippery (day 119)

the air is still, heavy with heat, skin is slippery with a film of damp. leaves long to sway, flowers thirst for rain, i feel myself wilt. 4.29.17