day 292

my appetites i have restrained leashed to goals of leaner objectives i have maintained to live my life cleaner so as i mark another notch on my path of milestones the scale i continue to watch remembering how far i’ve flown 10.19.17

day 291

each morning my body wakes when my mind longs to rest all is unnaturally quiet a silence i’m forced to break rouse the troops from slumber thus i sound the alarm they begin their day unwilling to cast their sleep asunder 10.18.17

day 290

my house is full of living projects in suspension ideas yet to evolve recreation abandoned in this disarray constant act of turning order into chaos my home breathes perfection not sought ideal unreachable so i allow the joy of living to fill my surroundings 10.17.17

day 289

thrill of potential connection, interlocking aspirations, our pulses resonate in hopes of unity. 10.16.17 [Image Source]

day 288

resplendent morning greets my deeply rested self; stretching long into the day i raise my crown to the sky, press my toes into the earth, extend my arms up high. 10.15.17 [Image Source]