day 128

the carousel continues to turn not always as merry going round music loops infinitely i tire of the ride at times 5.8.17

sweet summer (day 127)

the sweetness of a summer morning golden light filtered through the trees reverberation of bird songs by the air curiosity of my meandering dog as she explores scents of the day i walk in silence, taking it all in preparing my mind for the hours ahead letting the sun bathe me in…

crumpled (day 126)

you crumpled me like a piece of paper with frustrated words not expressing your meaning, discarded, you threw me aside i uncrumple, unfurl as much as i’m shaken i do not succumb to the many misdemeanors of stupidity no, i shall cross the street of my own accord casting your wasted words…

day 125

i amble along with a teetering gait bypass the puddles in my path i listen as nature speaks to me while thoughts of day do congeal at times i’m in a brambly place where thorns do scratch and sting my skin so i pluck the sweet and move along return to open…

day 124

my loss replaced with greater gifts as friendship feeds the hungry heart grieving i must quickly pass from the end, return to start cares for me as i do of them a family now of many strong we knit together into one a community we all belong 5.4.17 [Image Source]