day 92

hopes wrap around me like climbing grape vines i bite their sweet fruit as they intertwine when finally i’m bound up in my desire i come to realize i’ve been undermined 4.2.17

day 91

hush i say to the rumble inside me, hundreds of horses waiting to run rest awhile under tall shade trees, counting the clouds as they pass me by i’ve lingered when searching for angels, white knights, dark princes, too long i have stayed i summon the strength to continue pressing my dreams…

day 90

light comes the day sun bearing down heat summoning work to be done dark brings the night moon pulling tides dreams carrying out their sleep-filled tasks 3.31.17

day 89

your words are the darkest of chocolate i roll them around with the tip of my tongue a patch of sun on a dreary day, i’ll follow your lead just paces behind i rise in expectation but do not soar urge to take flight but time is premature 3.30.17

day 88

at times i am the pile of leaves easily scattered with the lightest breeze, but mostly i’m the lighthouse weathering the roughest storms, steady in gale force winds yet, sometimes, i long to topple, for the bricks to crumble, and move fluidly like the snake or soar above like the hawk 3.29.17