day 25

tangled flag by marsh’s edge glowing golden with the sinking sun i pedal past with wet hair and strong resolve. 1.25.17   Photo Credit: Egans Creek Greenway is a photograph by Island Sunrise and Sunsets Pieter Jordaan

day 24

wet chill cold feet that never warm i splash in the pool but i long to be dry. 1. 24.17

day 23

monday march the relay race of the single mom. the week starts off with a bang! 1.23.17

day 22

be like the sand the lonely grain stuck in the bed of a luxurious oyster; the steady irritant which will then transform. be a caterpillar wanting more allowing time and discomfort to make anew. be the river which flows through the rocks carving its path wherever it goes. be all you can…

we march (day 21)

today we march with our daughters and sisters, our mothers and friends. we march with men we love or because of men we do not. today we rise up and unite, tomorrow we must remember to act. 1.21.17