day 213

you join me in the dance as if we began together i spin without losing balance, i swing strong in knowing you have my hand ready to reel me back in and sway longer still. 8.1.17

day 212

i awake to the sun so full of light spilling over into the forgotten nooks, offering its heat like a dry reprieve after days deluged by rain. 7.31.17

day 211

a fallen monarch beautiful in your orange hues, you flutter your wings in defiance even when you have lost your strength to fly. so i resist the urge to keep you as an object to admire, allowing you the dignity to retire alone. 7.30.17

day 210

late night arrival we rejoice in unity feeling family and friends, noting what’s different and what will always be the same. 7.29.17 [Image Source]

serenity (day 209)

expansive like the ocean, i feel it’s calm, unending horizon slightly wavering; buck and sway gently rippling its serene surface i welcome the waves, frothy and strong rhythmic in their arrival towering as they approach, in ominous massive beauty i dive into their power, letting their force pass over me; feeling their…