day 133

i’m spent like the last quarter in the jukebox playing its final song of the evening to which i reluctantly agree to dance undone, with the weight of exhaustion which permeates me from the soles of my feet through roots of my hair 5.13.17

day 132

corralled we merge obediently following the path of the herd identities obfuscated in the cult of the mouse 5.12.17

day 131

change has announced its arrival together we embark as the doors slide open to the next adventure en route we journey past endless signs for other potential ventures until at last we settle in our temporal home 5.11.17

day 130

at night i track the stars as they traverse the sky each one a special moment in a life that has passed by light trails span across miles piercing darkness as they shine expansiveness of all that’s been possibilities unconfined 5.10.17

roses (day 129)

if you lay roses at my feet, i shall trod them in all their painful beauty for love, too, has thorns that may pierce my skin… as i walk, i bleed… but the delicate petals, softly crushing under my toes are the kiss and caress that comforts, reminding, of the reason to…