day 163

in your absence you stole her breath, her invincible self, bled. you ran to forget, to hide while i heard her scream for what she could not say 6.12.17

day 162

resplendent, my crimson lip, bitten. hair, sun streaked tomboy. body, strong sore tighten. 6.11.17

day 161

the day was closing like a tired restaurant ready to shut its doors – in came the sun with its brilliant amber glow, dazzling us after days of rain giving hope that all is not lost 6.10.17

day 160

awake, i dream walking around you as i gaze into your eyes opening your heart to see what it may hold, flying above to see where you will go and, if in time, i am beside you 6.9.17

day 159

still, the rain persists, day after day, i fill up with the loneliness of others, their incompleteness threatens to overflow. i carry in the mud of indecision on the soles of my shoes, while the wind moans of their anguish which i’m unable to heal. 6.8.17