day 29

painted like glamor queens of old we decorate our little girls and send them out to spring and flip for us all; the juxtaposition of strength and allure in one so young. 1.29.17

witchery (day 28)

the pot has been stirred it’s bubbling over world now aware of the stench of its hate. let us be witches who gather together to decay others’ fear with each coming day. 1.28.17

day 27

the pleasure of the pen as ink stains the paper, the nib scratches the surface of all you want to say. 1.27.17

day 26

detours of distraction or detriment of danger, learning to reroute not return. barricades of patience and silence or solitude, i weave and bob with the time. 1.26.17 [Image Source]

day 25

tangled flag by marsh’s edge glowing golden with the sinking sun i pedal past with wet hair and strong resolve. 1.25.17   Photo Credit: Egans Creek Greenway is a photograph by Island Sunrise and Sunsets Pieter Jordaan