day 103

there is no solace in answers when there aren’t answers to give there’s no honor in staying for promises unfulfilled time has come to move forward from all i can not forgive embrace the new that is coming the life i want to live 4.13.17

detox (day 102)

my eyes remain dry yet i’m urged to grieve so much i’ve held back is now ready to leave now i rest in the mix of what i’ve believed staying present until the restraints all unweave 4.12.17 [Image Source]

shift (day 101)

this shift has been stalking from without and within, in closing then opening, letting go and drinking in i wrap myself up in all i know true and release all the crud of what later fell through 4.11.17 [Image Source]

day 100

last night i wrestled with the dragons that refused to let me sleep my lance was not strong enough to grant a reprieve 4.10.17 [Image Source]

cumberland (day 99)

i traveled to the island where wild horses roam oblivious to their fortune they have been bestowed a mansion once so splendid lay crumbled amongst the weeds a doc that welcomed yachts now broken to its knees yet in all that’s been dismantled more beauty’s since arose as nature claims this island…