day 193

spices i gather to season my life piquing the senses, awakening the buds of my taste, to avoid the bland at all costs. 7.12.17

day 192

at times my past is worn like armor to keep harm at bay hammered steel, spikes protruding, no one gets too close. now i wish to cross the water my past still weights me down i shed the weight to avert submersion swim to future days. 7.11.17

day 191

in the comfort of my own thoughts i seek the counsel of all that is good and holy to steady my gait as i step across the coals of my own trepidation burning hot with the flames all the times i have strayed. keep me upright so i don’t stumble as i…

day 190

you welcome your demons to join you at the table but not partake. unrestrained yet inert, you keep them in the light so as to not forget their presence or participation in your journey. slippery duality of self, sweet yet acrid; soft while razor sharp, you learn to feed on the light…

day 189

in the vortex between potential and fear i tiptoe in brilliant light, flooding the crevices and corners lest i should miss a clue, still smiling with the promise that the darkness will always contain a shaft of light 7.8.17