day 163

in your absence you stole her breath, her invincible self, bled. you ran to forget, to hide while i heard her scream for what she could not say 6.12.17

day 162

resplendent, my crimson lip, bitten. hair, sun streaked tomboy. body, strong sore tighten. 6.11.17

day 161

the day was closing like a tired restaurant ready to shut its doors – in came the sun with its brilliant amber glow, dazzling us after days of rain giving hope that all is not lost 6.10.17

day 160

awake, i dream walking around you as i gaze into your eyes opening your heart to see what it may hold, flying above to see where you will go and, if in time, i am beside you 6.9.17

day 159

still, the rain persists, day after day, i fill up with the loneliness of others, their incompleteness threatens to overflow. i carry in the mud of indecision on the soles of my shoes, while the wind moans of their anguish which i’m unable to heal. 6.8.17

day 158

true to its blade the knife must know when to stab deep or just slice slow 6.7.17

day 157

a top that spun does not rest until its spin is all turned out, and in its pause, it tips aside, waiting to be spun again. 6.6.17 [Image Source]

day 156

retreat into your catacombs i await your emergence pacing to the beat of my inner drum, driven by all i have found, more that was lost; i test the terms of my patience and try to rest 6.5.17

day 155

the rendezvous approaches when we walk the tightrope between our hearts and our minds, desire and trepidation, with questions and longing until we let it all go and plunge in. 6.4.17

day 154

push myself until i stretch my muscles strong their soreness permeates, each one reminding me how much i am alive 6.3.17

day 153

the day begins while all is quiet inside children sleep drinking in the summer slumber 6.2.17 [Image Source]

day 152

like the river, i flow tranquil and calm skirting the turns, skimming the rocks in my path when the rain fills me up i flow fast, powerful, with a rage to progress but when the sun bears down, i wither, sometimes pause languishing in my discontent, until my thirst is quenched again…

echoes of x. (day 151)

a new encounter echoing the past first crush, my black spain i still see you clearly hair so shiny black skin with the slightest hint of brown lips just a little too full for a man… i was invisible then, inwardly shy, not the warrior i have become. i wonder… would you…

latin life (day 150)

years i spent in audacious heat soundtrack of love and desperation always urging to dance and connect fruit so ripe it melted as you bite rain so strong you never felt dry sun so demanding you bowed to its force people so close you felt constant touch in this chaos i blossomed……

day 149

i must hoard myself for now i’ve given all to those unformed spent my days prodding on in the end i’ve been forewarned with each new shift there is a loss i grieve for what will never be i hug their hearts and wish them well but remember that i’m here for…

day 148

the lush sweetness of mango bottled in Miami for this special night mixes with the tang of lime to temper the chili’s heat 5.28.17