day 317

the wait creates tension pausing with an uncertain end, holding a pose until release, centering ones breath when urge to fidget reigns, mind wanders, spell is broken, so i try once more.  11.13.17

day 316

i’ve learned to relax in the in between when all is uncertain yet nothing is lost before joy can be welcomed but pain is long gone tethered in knowing my heart will remain 11.12.17 [Image Source]

day 315

i breath in love its light floods my veins my respiration syncs to the beat of my heart, my eyes see the color each new day brings, a gift of possibility wrapped in the sun. 11.11.17

day 314

treasure of a quiet morning alarms are silent, movement slows children dream until weary fades as coffee brews, my ink flows rhythmic scratch of the pen as the words scar the page steaming cup waiting by when the rhymes have assuaged. 11.10.17

day 313

as morning slips in from slumber you flood my mind full of thought i wonder if we can attain a happiness so long sought as i rise with dreams of more coffee brews, i fill my cup for time to touch has not yet come desire, i must interrupt time has wings…

day 312

in between the cool and warm when the sun has risen yet lacks force all to come is being born in the stillness of morning strides before the mind pollutes with thought and urgency goads time i sip the solace of this hour, to fiddle with my daily rhyme. 11.8.17

day 311

i close my eyes to suspend detached from expectation floating gently above the earth without anticipation of when my toes will touch to merge with all creation. 11.7.17 [Image Source]

day 310

inside i am a liquid state buttery soft slippery smooth caramel sweet. i ebb and flow with passion found in all of life. 11.6.17

day 309

sparkled by their swagger i flutter my winds and hover waiting for the nectar of love’s true intentions to flow… 11.5.17

day 308

climb the ladder of my aspirations fill my lungs with potential to come life is just swirling in concert around me i quiet my thoughts ’til the song becomes clear 11.4.17

day 307

some mornings i sip coffee on others tea depending on how awake i wish to be 11.3.17

day 306

my world is a menagerie of fantasy and fact creative mind colors a life that’s white or black over time my day dreams nourish what i lack soon all desired i’m able to attract 11.2.17

day 305

words perch lightly spread like branches from a tree of thought i let them settle, to consider their place amongst the phrases i intend to write. 11.1.17

day 304

all hallow’s eve cackles cry of all you fear deep inside venture out to have a scare face the dark if you dare 10.31.17

day 303

with a snap the seasons change snuggle deep into the bed sleep shows its intensity pillow welcomes resting head morning harsh, so dark & cold warm water soon wakes me up tea then heats me from inside wrap my hands around my cup with clothing long, stride that’s brisk venture out, my…

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