day 292

my appetites i have restrained leashed to goals of leaner objectives i have maintained to live my life cleaner so as i mark another notch on my path of milestones the scale i continue to watch remembering how far i’ve flown 10.19.17

day 291

each morning my body wakes when my mind longs to rest all is unnaturally quiet a silence i’m forced to break rouse the troops from slumber thus i sound the alarm they begin their day unwilling to cast their sleep asunder 10.18.17

day 290

my house is full of living projects in suspension ideas yet to evolve recreation abandoned in this disarray constant act of turning order into chaos my home breathes perfection not sought ideal unreachable so i allow the joy of living to fill my surroundings 10.17.17

day 289

thrill of potential connection, interlocking aspirations, our pulses resonate in hopes of unity. 10.16.17 [Image Source]

day 288

resplendent morning greets my deeply rested self; stretching long into the day i raise my crown to the sky, press my toes into the earth, extend my arms up high. 10.15.17 [Image Source]

day 287

summer remains in full potency rejecting the advance  of cool expected in fall sitting unshielded, the heat bears down, my skin crisps; i retreat to the shade to regain my strength. 10.14.17

day 286

feeling fractured, separate slivers spreading far, magnets pulling me apart with their urgency breathe to anchor before i spin out again 10.13.17

day 285

gentleness that parts lips into a smile, a river sharing with a stream softness which opens ones heart to the new, bird’s wings spreading to the sky lightness that lifts me closer to you 10.12.17 [Image Source]

day 284

fall ignores its invitation, tress hang heavy with dew, mosquitos feed on my exposed skin. my dog advances ever so slowly, allowing the feast upon me while i tug her along, eager to find shelter once again. 10.11.17

day 283

learning to ride the waves within me crests and falls strong swells forward reluctant pulls back i steady in my stance rising with the height to gaze along the horizon 10.10.17

day 282

worn to bone on bone stretched out thin pressed flat into the earth i yearn to merge fully to the pulse of life 10.9.17 [Image Source]

day 281

back on the mat feet grow roots into the floor shoulders soften, then open to the sky breath is audible reminding me of my place in earth’s cycle 10.8.17 [Image Source]

day 280

today i return to practice extend myself once more, waking too early for comfort; darkness urges me to reconsider the journey i have chosen. determined i gather my fuel, my comforts and my strength, then depart 10.7.17

day 279

a day past my celebration i collect the love while more pours in like the reddest rose blossoming in the darkest green i open to the joy as the rose to the sun drinking in its healing heat 10.6.17  

birthday (day 278)

each year i mark this day of birth when i found my way into the world so bright and sharp that i question my decision to emerge 10.5.17

day 277

i bid the words to come romp in the garden of my mind stubborn they resist to fill me up today 10.4.17