day 51

towering tree heavy with tiny fruit mandarin oranges hanging like bangles off its many branches populating its leaves like delicious ornaments waiting to be collected and feasted upon instead, it’s bounty is left to rot or poached by squirrels 2.20.17

day 50

in dreams i float buoyant in tranquil water river grass tickles as i pass by the sun it warms while the water cools i count the clouds up in the sky 2.19.17

day 49

my bindings loosened over time of past regrets unseen mistakes skin rubbed raw from holding back the air it stung as i unlace thrust of change squeezed my breath my life took on a faster pace as i moved past what i thought i would never have to face 2.18.17

summer (day 48)

expansive heat of summer supple muscles stretching long strides peppered with new color birds announcing in a song sun stays late to light our play barbecues flavor the air sand and shells come inside traveling on skin that’s bare smiles feature more than frowns arms more likely open wide love soon buds…

day 47

i walk amongst the towering trees whose limbs extend like lamenting mothers i brace against the icy breeze the sun shines through, a forsaken lover these times they twist and turn about a winding walk that leads to home forgotten fears can bloom to doubt while I embrace the yet unknown 2.16.17

day 46

a stormy time that shook my core i felt unraveled my heart was sore from lack of faith a purpose mean hall of mirrors in broken dreams. awoke again to morning glow reminder to follow the flow around the rocks and rotten trees the murky depths choppy seas to calmer waters crystal…

day 45

eyes that wish to close again apprehensive of the coming day mind cluttered with frustration needing to be swept clear once more 2.14.17

day 44

pink azaleas bloom by a ramshackle home a vibrant burst among decay sky streaked in pink and yellow stretches of cotton candy golden orb, the sun ascends above the shallow marsh 2.13.17

day 43

lackluster i feel like second hand shoes stuck playing a game that ends in a ruse each turn that i take leaves me confused 2.12.17

day 42

whisper to me of what you dare not dream feed my ear with thoughts of serpentines one day we’ll wrestle for each other’s love but now we struggle with intensity unclothed 2.11.17

day 41

cold winter sun i hasten eager to return to the warmth of home thoughts congeal around you weighing the potential waiting to form 2.10.17 [Image Source]

day 40

outside i’m strong muscle and bone yet still i long at times to crumble inside i feel wafer thin strips of cellophane blowing in the wind waiting to be gathered in a confident hold constant and true passion unfolds from the spark of connection. 2.9.17

day 39

as they display their plumage some in brilliant shades they prance and puff their many charms. i lay in wait languid in the range of possibilities to see whose colors do not wash away. 2.8.17

day 38

gingerly she steps on the wet grass reluctant to feel the damp on her paws trees embrace overhead a leaf arch holding back the sun while a foggy shroud softens the edges she sniffs for strangers and friends then marks her arrival proudly searching for the elusive squirrel 2.7.17

day 37

honey drips from my lips and flowers grow around my hips i dance for those who never kissed i sway for those who are not missed 2.6.17 [Image Source]

day 36

back in the sturdy embrace of home we unwrap and unfold into the familiar, apologizing for our absence and grateful for our welcome return. 2.5.17