day 39

as they display their plumage some in brilliant shades they prance and puff their many charms. i lay in wait languid in the range of possibilities to see whose colors do not wash away. 2.8.17

day 38

gingerly she steps on the wet grass reluctant to feel the damp on her paws trees embrace overhead a leaf arch holding back the sun while a foggy shroud softens the edges she sniffs for strangers and friends then marks her arrival proudly searching for the elusive squirrel 2.7.17

day 37

honey drips from my lips and flowers grow around my hips i dance for those who never kissed i sway for those who are not missed 2.6.17 [Image Source]

day 36

back in the sturdy embrace of home we unwrap and unfold into the familiar, apologizing for our absence and grateful for our welcome return. 2.5.17

day 35

following, the traffic flow we drive with the rhythm of the road passed and passing we jockey our place tires whir music pulses as i navigate the hypnotic highway taking care to resist its pull 2.4.17

day 34

we journeyed south to the mecca of the mouse but did not stop by we laze in the room like zoned interlopers crashing the party 2.3.17

day 33

we wait for signs of winter’s passing; even in Florida we feel the chill. we wait for the longer light, the brighter sun, the sense of hope that comes in spring. 2.2.17 [Image Source]

day 32

i sit with the slumber of others the hum of the fan warming our home the solitude is like an interloper the quiet, like a temporary reprieve soon there will be clamor and brilliant light as my daughter resists the day; then the slow rumble as my son is unearthed from the…

day 31

i ride for the wind, my companion gently consoling me with a soft caress; or else my adversary resisting my motion like a stern parent. i ride for the sun, warming my back with it’s steady heat or a jilted lover hiding behind the trees or heavy clouds afraid to show its…

day 30

day starts heavy weighed down by bedcovers like a swaddled baby trapped in warmth. face feels the chill of the outside air and i long to stay, stay in. 1.30.17

day 29

painted like glamor queens of old we decorate our little girls and send them out to spring and flip for us all; the juxtaposition of strength and allure in one so young. 1.29.17

witchery (day 28)

the pot has been stirred it’s bubbling over world now aware of the stench of its hate. let us be witches who gather together to decay others’ fear with each coming day. 1.28.17

day 27

the pleasure of the pen as ink stains the paper, the nib scratches the surface of all you want to say. 1.27.17

day 26

detours of distraction or detriment of danger, learning to reroute not return. barricades of patience and silence or solitude, i weave and bob with the time. 1.26.17 [Image Source]

day 25

tangled flag by marsh’s edge glowing golden with the sinking sun i pedal past with wet hair and strong resolve. 1.25.17   Photo Credit: Egans Creek Greenway is a photograph by Island Sunrise and Sunsets Pieter Jordaan

day 24

wet chill cold feet that never warm i splash in the pool but i long to be dry. 1. 24.17