day 67

i crush the shells of my attraction under my toes striding forth in a new direction outcome unknown i’ve framed my heart for my protection deepest shades of blue but now i open to your connection no longer of use i strip the layers of all my learning awake subdued stand steady…

day 66

i remain in the depths of the sleep that surrounds me sifting through all that i feel my senses betray true wealth of our meeting so much yet to reveal 3.7.17 [Image Source]

day 65

still in the haze of ushered in dreams a sensory jumble revolving in me i sift through the night’s entertainment in hopes to decode all its instructions 3.6.17

day 64

today i will leave affairs of the heart on the shore of the sea where i’ll embark on a journey of self without all the thought 3.5.17 [Image Source]

day 63

sometimes i am in between what is known and unseen waiting feels so endless hoping sparks will progress build in heat until they flame and my heart is reclaimed 3.4.17

day 62

i am the blossom kissed by the sun whose petals now dare to unfold i am the seagrass grown in the ocean with soft roots, long strands in flow i am the vine encircling the tree until it becomes my own 3.3.17

crisscrossed (day 61)

this journey of life has so many turns i feel piled up from… lessons learned like too many blankets on warm winter night or road that’s so long no end is in sight; yet still i am full of imperfections a traveler who won’t follow directions i’ve given my love to those…

day 60

my fingertips graze a tempting fate to clutch or pass by is what i debate i’ve always been the one who gives who fixes wrongs and then forgives i ponder if it’s now my chance to be the one who leads the dance  3.1.17

day 59

sun rises over the marsh bathing it in amber glow what was once just brown and green is now overrun by color filling the air with the fragrance of spring’s blossoms; flocks of geese fly by in loud discussion while in nestled in The trees lives musical conversation all helping me to…

day 58

mornings no longer sting with the bite of winter the season surrenders to the inevitable spring flowers seem to burst in a multitude of shades dappling the landscape with newfound vibrancy the sun’s ascent signals the warmth yet to come 2.27.17

day 57

weave in the strands of all that’s untrue tucking them into the fabric of time; patch all the holes in my quilt of long living sewn from the joys, tears, and the pain. adorn myself in many dreams still worth dreaming comforted by all that is mine. 2.26.17

day 56

i collect the stones smooth round, shiny black to mark where i’ve been i gather the glass sand worn shimmering to show all i’ve seen 2.25.17

day 55

each morning the sun kisses the sky to light the world with wonder giving birth to a day full of possibilities birds chortle in rhapsody taunted by crickets in hiding dogs pull their humans along eager to sample all the fresh smells the dewy grass contains 2.24.17

day 54

furtive glimpses of desire life has been a peep show voyeur cravings pleasures incognito now i do the dance crack my curtains just a bit wait to see who comes to gaze performing while dimly lit an ingenue, i sway display my charms artfully flick the lights as i choose seeking what…

red (day 53)

red punctuates my morning walk. vermillion berries sprout, amongst dead leaves, glistening with dewdrops; crimson cardinal alights, upon a picket-fence, its breast puffed proud, to announce its arrival; blood red roses bloom, nestled in the deepest green, their petals turning, towards the emerging sun; dark red doors adorn slate gray houses, biding…

day 52

i paint my scars with flowers and vines not forgetting all the times i fought for every mark i bear from mishaps and more unfair follow the ink where it winds a path i’ve walked so many times 2.21.17