day 268

i ache from all demanded push to grow beyond myself a night spent consoling the throb off all that cannot ease plus doubt that still pervaded between the lapses of my rest 9.25.17

day 267

i build the fire the air flows free from toes to crown i feel my chi 9.24.17

day 266

stretch and strengthen this form i bear that holds the stress of time and as i lengthen sprout leaves, stand tall expand within releasing all tension 9.23.17

day 265

in the night, squid ink dark sleep fled, mind full of thought unrelenting conscious wrought of all i’m yet to embark rest had left me bare and cold i shiver in my hopes for more the warmth of two, love endure night wanes, day soon unfolds succumb to wake, i try to…

day 264

in times of lack, we find our faith a tether to hold onto this lack, a thirst when water’s gone, deep darkness after lights go dim, or when the phone forgets to ring we navigate in rivers dark in hopes the monsters will take flight and all our fears are just misplaced…

day 263

we seek in the dark for what we feel our floors listening to all that’s felt blindfolded we see what’s been dealt with mittens we grope for what is real radar turned off, stumbling blind unsteady in dream of a future fate hope that change has not come too late wary of…

day 262

i near this age so grand in size my youth, i feel cloaked in disguise, sights and sounds not to forget, hearts that ache without regret; though i’ve seen so many years, i wake each day free of fear, full of love for all that’s new, eyes wide open to what ensues……

day 261

i am the watcher peering through the trees, taking stock of everything i see; a mind never dormant, always one step ahead, a heart never quiet, always hoping to be fed, those i encounter, always asking to be led. 9.18.17 [Image Source]

day 260

guide me through this thicket of sweet fruit and sharp thorns steady my gait lest i fall, as i pass this bramble my skin bears the scratches blood of minor injury while i nourish the succulence of the joy to overcome 9.17.17

day 259

eyes like portholes they gaze outward dark within, craving the visceral affirmation of their worth, scaly in their selfishness, unregretting stench, i watch them slither in retreat. 9.16.17

day 258

each day feels a little more familiar each step a little lighter eyes see clearer like a fog has been wiped off, like rising from a deep slumber and you finally realize you are awake 9.15.17

day 257

today we march back to lives we know each step heavier than the last pulling out of the stupor from stress and inactivity into the buzz of responsibility. 9.14.17

day 256

the days bleed together into one stain without cool to wake us, all feels blurry and soft as tasks pile on and incentive dissipates. 9.13.17

aftermath (day 255)

with branches scattered like plumage she has plucked us and moved on, leaving the normalcy of a sunny day with the unease of restoration. electricity now an audible buzz as generators keep the few cool and lit while the rest sweat and wait… 9.12.17

day 254

flounce of her skirt whips our way as she spins and twirls in her crimson gown, with fearful admiration we watch enraptured her beauty and ferocity. so we retreat to give her space on the dance floor, and await her performance. 9.11.17

day 253

as the main event approaches, opening act performs, wind gusts strew branches rain plummets down. the air smells like damp pine needles mixed with hot chocolate and hope. walking the streets full of abandon the human quiet is edible, cars drive with purpose as the wind sings. 9.10.17