day 349

weightless i float into my dreams searching for the root of the burdens i carry, returning the treasure of my innocent self so that i may grow free once again. 12.15.17 [Image Source]

day 348

results rose upon me like a roaring lion hungry to feed, and i without sustenance, to appease. but with the passage of expectant time the roar became a hum, a vibration to honor, and then dispel. 12.14.17

day 347

untold till now journeyed deep a path well worn i know the way, yet all i felt i had flown past returns again. so here i stand, with heart in hand and tears i thought were long since shed. 12.13.17 [Image Source]

day 346

when the sun begins to take its bow, i listen to the hesitant notes of my son’s playing piano, view of the horizon where sky meets sea, softest of blue, dusted with light, creased against the striated sea, calm with subtle ripples, contrasted by the yellow green of the glowing sea grass….

day 345

so i rush to heal my heart of all i kept close to my breast a keepsake of  my forgotten youth… i set it free. 12.11.17

day 344

with steam and spice i heal my head, flush the cold, the sick inside; still i move slightly slow, sound is muffled, light is dimmed. 12.10.17

day 343

clutch of cold fills my head feel its shiver slide down my spine gasp for air when there’s plenty but its chill slows my breath, body tightens to keep it warm stride is shortened yet still i go 12.9.17

day 342

my bed is the open arms of a long lost love, ready to caress me as if no time has passed… 12.8.17

day 341

when i am near return to the home i yearn for, i flood like the river who teased with overflow for too long… bringing the sickness i fear will take hold. 12.7.17

day 340

at times i wonder if the definition of bliss is ignorance, freedom from worry, for now that i know what may befall me, in part i wish for  the ignorance to return, but i will wait for the time of freedom to arrive. 12.6.17 [Image Source]

day 339

when the goblins of our past take shape within us we must embrace our fate without enabling their negativity for while we recognize their presence, we do not welcome them, instead we build our strength to bid them leave. 12.5.17

day 338

a place of light unending color with transitions that bleed into one another until all sense of time is lost and the moment is all 12.4.17

day 337

thoughts mutate into a multitude of color i burst with their infinite beauty, their vibrations enters my bloodstream, to regulate the beat of my pulsating heart. 12.3.17

day 336

soak up the sun feeling heat, not a burn, jittery mind, awaiting conclusion. inevitable wait so steer my thoughts up to the shine, breath in the sky. 12.2.17

day 335

buoyant, i float through spiraling rivers supported by water. soothed by the sun branches have fallen deep in the river sometimes i slip, always i flow 12.1.17 [Image Source]

day 334

i call upon your strength to support me knowing your love is all that i need. 11.30.17