day 244

the troubled soul that bubbles over from loss and fear of more loss to come so claws are extended and hackles rise, ready for battle when in fact she longs for surrender. 9.1.17

day 243

precocious and coy, she hides behind the guise of innocence while flirting with danger as a ploy for attention that she now has required. 8.31.17

day 242

the flux of change redirecting one’s plans like the river diverting its flow without pausing to reconsider its shift. 8.30.17

children’s hospital (day 241)

i enter a former home my children in tow, now with different tenants; a place of comfort and disturbance, bright colors, polished steel, flickering florescence, disinfectant lingering in the air, and the chatter softly everywhere, occasionally broken by a cry. memories return of cold thermometers, freezing bed pans, blood pressure pumps, mysterious…

day 240

the demands of life anchor us in separate waters we tow their weight for the needs of others as well as our own. commitments cling like barnacles, encrusting us with their importance until we have forgotten why we took down our sails, turned away from the joy of the wind and remained…

day 239

i retreat into the catacombs where light is but a memory and dark my dearest friend; in spaces tight, i huddle my knees pressing against my chest, i remain in the quiet until i can bear it no longer, resuming my journey through the maze of my own making. 8.27.17

day 238

all right now is potential suspended perfect possibility yet to arrive; so i savor as my mind dances through its meanderings between bright skies. dark clouds, and your steady hand grasping mine. 8.26.17

day 237

bustle of a friday morning, kids bedraggled by school, unfocused yet still alert; i hug the warmth of my coffee cup, counting the minutes until it’s time to go. 8.25.17

day 236

in dreams i travel to other countries, speaking languages i know and have yet to learn; flourishing in foreign lands, i drink in the differences, savor the similarities, and embrace all in between. 8.24.17

day 235

unearthed we shed the night’s debris incapable of meeting the day’s degree of intensity. 8.23.17

day 234

tongue tied whiskey wild i’ve imbibed to heal my throat apply a coat of slippery sleep i fall in deep. 8.22,17

solar eclipse (day 233)

the moon, gentle servant of the sun, emerges from its quarters, submissive, it pulls the tide, directs the ocean’s flow with dark, feminine energy. the sun, dominant in its heat, master of all, with power to burn, is the potent male, fierce warrior who rules us all with its consistent light. ah,…

day 232

like the grain of sand which chafes the oyster, i have become accustomed to the discomfort of change; enveloped in the unfamiliar, i must learn to grow in different soil. 8.20.17

day 231

i open to the innocence before me traveling together to destinations unseen, allowing questions unanswered to linger, as the wheels spin on the track, the train shakes with the speed, carrying us onward with the thrust of the moment… 8.19.17

day 230

as the sun rises from its rest then settles back into slumber, or the tides ebb back for flow forward, seasons slip into one another, cycles revolving in continual motion… so i wait for the pendulum to swing in my direction, feelings its force upon me; honoring the flux of life. 8.18.17

time (day 229)

time becomes my secret lover as i contemplate the clock ticking on throughout the hours consoling me in the dark time is in a constant hover of what i may or may not do so jealous, time, reminding me challenges that can ensue if time is bound by another waiting is a…