day 98

in the whirling of needs and desires we are like playing cards tossed in the wind falling mismatched; so we toss again until in sheer randomness two of a kind may fall close enough to pair up. 4.8.17

wings (day 97)

wings of scarlet spread wide i hover over my intentions, following their flight, until i summon you 4.7.17

fury (day 96)

in the night it raged wind swirled, thunder clapped sky lit up in quick flashes of light like a cosmic disco dance in the morning, its anger lay strewn about with broken limbs, dredges of leaves while gusts of wind remind me of the fury above the earth 4.6.17

fairytales (day 95)

i pass a house on my walk so quaint and full of bliss i wonder if asleep inside princesses await love’s true kiss outside, i spy a baby’s bed where purple flowers bloom enchanted place for fairy play a magical bedroom as a child, i built them homes nestled under groves of…

day 94

sprinkler spraying waterlogged grass pounded by rain from the night before the day stays dark like perpetual dusk and the trees sink a little with soggy leaves all is a little bit blacker today as we brace for more remnants of the passing storm 4.4.17

day 93

my mind is filled with quiet today the words refused to dance like a well too dry to fill your cup so patient, you wait for rain i’m at the mercy of silent thoughts until the dance begins again 4.3.17

day 92

hopes wrap around me like climbing grape vines i bite their sweet fruit as they intertwine when finally i’m bound up in my desire i come to realize i’ve been undermined 4.2.17

day 91

hush i say to the rumble inside me, hundreds of horses waiting to run rest awhile under tall shade trees, counting the clouds as they pass me by i’ve lingered when searching for angels, white knights, dark princes, too long i have stayed i summon the strength to continue pressing my dreams…

day 90

light comes the day sun bearing down heat summoning work to be done dark brings the night moon pulling tides dreams carrying out their sleep-filled tasks 3.31.17

day 89

your words are the darkest of chocolate i roll them around with the tip of my tongue a patch of sun on a dreary day, i’ll follow your lead just paces behind i rise in expectation but do not soar urge to take flight but time is premature 3.30.17

day 88

at times i am the pile of leaves easily scattered with the lightest breeze, but mostly i’m the lighthouse weathering the roughest storms, steady in gale force winds yet, sometimes, i long to topple, for the bricks to crumble, and move fluidly like the snake or soar above like the hawk 3.29.17

merrow (day 87)

dawn approaches and I know i must resurface. swimming from ocean depths, dreams entangling like strands of seaweed, with a splash, i begin to wake. i rise slow, hindered by heaviness, i clothe to mask my true self, prickling from its texture against my slick skin. breathing in the strange air, i…

The Poetry Process

This year I have challenged myself to write a poem a day. My challenge was in response to a challenge my mother began in 2016, and continued this year, to produce a drawing a day. Poetry seemed a more suitable challenge to me. This morning I completed day 86 on my morning…

day 86

spring now fully in session flowering trees overwhelmed by blooms some petals falling due to the burden of their beauty wildflowers sprung up from the ground alertly following the sun decorating random patches of grass with splotches of color earth now raucous with festive sounds as birds, crickets, and toads swap stories…

arise (day 85)

darkness engulfed the beauty of the light; despairing its loss, some abandoned hope, others colluded with the night, while a few held true the beautiful remained, deeply hidden from view awaiting its time to shine once again thus the few were not startled when its brilliance burst forth their hearts remained open…

day 84

sleep still possesses me as i obligingly take my walk; like a fugitive it escaped, for hours in the night while i wrestled with bed covers, helplessly trying to recapture night’s elusive slumber. at last it returned unannounced, slipping in like a hand in a pocket, pulling me deep into dream’s abyss…