day 109

i sweat in the womb of the earth i learned my true name i dreamed while awake i was never the same 4.19.17 [Image Source]

firewalk (day 108)

i once walked on fire hot coals tickled my bare feet warm popcorn under my toes back then i had no children, no heartbreak or great loss nor a deep love to define me ash covered the soles of my feet as i walked past who i was and stepped into who…

cleanse (day 107)

each night i bathe to cleanse myself anew i scrub the past off my skin i soak in heat, blistering heat to remind me of where i came from as i lay in the purifying water i long to return to the cool of life yet i try to tarry, to linger…

day 106

honeysuckle overtakes me rich perfume penetrates my pores i’m drunk on its sweetness the air is still; the birds rest gently chirping amongst the leaves trees stand tall; branches lifted like graceful ballerinas about to pirouette clouds diffuse the sun’s glare while colors pulse with vibrance 4.16.17

day 105

may we make memories to enjoy down the road remember what was and still yet untold may i forget all the waiting as the trust starts to grow and ask all the questions i seek to know 4.15.17 [Image Source]

day 104

when can i tell you about the insanity to which i was born? dark creativity suckled me onward until i transformed; strength deep inside, i found far too young; paths that i followed and was nearly undone. your work has you travel to places unknown; my journeys run deeper to where my…

day 103

there is no solace in answers when there aren’t answers to give there’s no honor in staying for promises unfulfilled time has come to move forward from all i can not forgive embrace the new that is coming the life i want to live 4.13.17

detox (day 102)

my eyes remain dry yet i’m urged to grieve so much i’ve held back is now ready to leave now i rest in the mix of what i’ve believed staying present until the restraints all unweave 4.12.17 [Image Source]

shift (day 101)

this shift has been stalking from without and within, in closing then opening, letting go and drinking in i wrap myself up in all i know true and release all the crud of what later fell through 4.11.17 [Image Source]

day 100

last night i wrestled with the dragons that refused to let me sleep my lance was not strong enough to grant a reprieve 4.10.17 [Image Source]

Teriyaki Meatballs

Teriyaki Meatballs   Print Prep time 30 mins Cook time 45 mins Total time 1 hour 15 mins   Easy to make in a crockpot Author: CreativEliza Recipe type: Entree Cuisine: Asian Serves: 4-5 Ingredients Meatballs: Ground meat of your choice (I prefer a mix of beef and pork) ⅓ cup soy…

cumberland (day 99)

i traveled to the island where wild horses roam oblivious to their fortune they have been bestowed a mansion once so splendid lay crumbled amongst the weeds a doc that welcomed yachts now broken to its knees yet in all that’s been dismantled more beauty’s since arose as nature claims this island…

day 98

in the whirling of needs and desires we are like playing cards tossed in the wind falling mismatched; so we toss again until in sheer randomness two of a kind may fall close enough to pair up. 4.8.17

wings (day 97)

wings of scarlet spread wide i hover over my intentions, following their flight, until i summon you 4.7.17

fury (day 96)

in the night it raged wind swirled, thunder clapped sky lit up in quick flashes of light like a cosmic disco dance in the morning, its anger lay strewn about with broken limbs, dredges of leaves while gusts of wind remind me of the fury above the earth 4.6.17

fairytales (day 95)

i pass a house on my walk so quaint and full of bliss i wonder if asleep inside princesses await love’s true kiss outside, i spy a baby’s bed where purple flowers bloom enchanted place for fairy play a magical bedroom as a child, i built them homes nestled under groves of…